Lead Anyway

Leadership is so often an interesting, lonely and challenging journey. Just like when it comes to assessing restaurants, movies, ice cream flavors, coffee combinations and more – everyone has an opinion. Sometimes we like things and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we’ll choose this and the next time, we’ll choose that. When you’re in leadership, the […]

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Also for them…

Did you know that you were prayed for? Did you know that you’re continually being prayed for? In the gospel of John – chapter 17, often called the priestly prayer of Jesus. He prayed for you, for me, for all who are currently a part of his church. For all those who will one day […]

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Take Heart

In my communication class in college – we were introduced to the 6 – one word questions that anyone doing an investigation must ask: Who? What? Where? When? WHY? How? Often the most challenging question is determining the WHY? The Why questions begin when kids are 2-3 years old and really never stops. You might […]

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Joshua TakeAways

Be strong and courageous. It well could be the anthem of the book of Joshua in the Old Testament as God calls and commissions Joshua to lead His people into the Promised Land. It’s spoken into his life in chapter 1 and it’s something that Joshua reminds the people as the book comes to a […]

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Church is…

What comes to mind when you think about church? You might think about architecture, rituals or experiences you’ve seen or had. Church is not a building. It IS people. It’s a movement of Jesus. Church is a hospital for the hurting. A rescued people on mission for God in relational and tangible expression within our […]

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Napkins can be Spiritual

Napkins surround us. In your car. In your home. In that restaurant. And that other one too. Even in the one that only gives you one after you beg them, because for some reason they think it’s made out of gold, so they guard them. (I’m talking to you Subway)… Did you know that napkins can […]

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LOVE > hate

I’m typing this, still in disbelief that I’m writing this in the United States of America and the year 2017. Let me be clear. Hate and racism is wrong everyday and in every possible way. I’m disgusted by what’s been unfolding in Charlottesville, VA and I’m reminded of a simple truth the Apostle Paul writes in […]

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Speak Life

There is a drastic difference between speaking AT someone or speaking INTO someone. In our world – there is a lot of speaking AT… They say we are prone to see 1 million advertising messages a day. Ok, that’s not quite right, but doesn’t it feel that way? We’re surrounded by voices and messages speaking at […]

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Choosing Joy

There is a major difference between happiness and joy. Often in our cultural context: we can get the pursuit of happiness mixed up with the pursuit of JOY. Our country has the pursuit of happiness in it’s very fiber – the problem is that happiness in its simplest form, has a shelf-life to it. It […]

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We live in a world that seeks out heroic efforts and the heroes among us. We look to historical heroes, medical heroes, military heroes, political heroes, sports heroes, family heroes and every day heroes. We make so many movies depicting superheroes at work saving the world from catastrophe – all the while fighting back the […]

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Push or Pull

Don’t allow the push of critics or the pull of fans to deter you, slow you down, sideline you or get your stuck. Sure, sometimes we might need a push to get us moving or pulled in a better direction… But we don’t need to be pulled and crippled by the critics and just quit. Nor do we […]

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We have all witnessed it. We’ve all done it. The situation is unfolding and then someone kicks UP the volume. Tensions rise. We call these discussions – “heated”. Whether it’s the person at the airline counter who once was trying to convey their frustration and need, but has now slipped across the line into personal […]

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The Narrative of Worry

We all live by a narrative that is unfolding within us and around us. In the simplest of understanding, it’s the way in which we see things. The narrative of worry is the internal story of scarcity, worst-case scenarios and confusion. Worry knocks on the doors of our hearts and lives no matter our gender, age […]

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Go and Do

So much of life can get stuck in the ‘learn this’, ‘learn that’ and ‘study hard’, information hunting and gathering cycle. We grow up being taught so that we learn more. Pushed to learn more, know more, understand more. Learning more is an awesome thing – a necessary thing. We need to be people of […]

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Where’s Your Seat?

Where’s your favorite chair? Is it in your house? Was it in the house you grew up in? Or maybe it’s in someone else’s house, it’s the one you look to make sure no one is sitting there at you enter and as you try to move the conversation into that room. Is it in […]

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