It’s something we all want – we all crave…control.

If you watched Super Bowl XLV, you saw the cute VW ad that followed a child dressed as Darth Vader all around the house as he tried to use “The Force” to control items. He tried everything from the washer/dryer to baby dolls…

Finally he ends up staring at his dad’s car in the driveway – straining his hands in his best ‘force’ – filled finger pose, the car suddenly starts up! The startling demeanor upon this little kid is what’s so funny. You can watch this ad here.

Control is something we were created to exercise – after all, we are made in the Imago Dei, in the image of our Creator. We’re given dominion to reign, guide, build and create unlike any other created creature. We’ve been given gifts and told to exercise them and bring their full expression into our world and relationships.

But there is a shadow side to control.

This shadow side is where ambition can begin to guide, dictate and determine how we see ourselves and how we desire others to see us. How we drive our life. How we make decisions. It can lead us to adopting a perspective of how life needs to be “all about me.” “People need to notice me, look to me. I need to be in charge, front and center.”

This tension is real, isn’t it?

Control can quickly escalate to unhealthy places – a natural drive to be in charge can drift toward driving wedges into relationships and fostering emotional isolation. “Control freak” isn’t necessarily a term of endearment in our vernacular.

Besides, the Scriptures remind us there is truly only ONE that is in control.  (Psalm 24:1 / Colossians 1:15-20)

Serving others…might just be the path toward fighting back the shadow side of control…

Maybe that’s why Jesus spent so much time talking about and modeling our need to serve and live a life of love. (Mark 10: 35-45)

Q)  As you’ve served others – how has that experience reshaped your heart & mindset?

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