The Toss of Trust

Water balloons = fun.

Until they break.

I recently came in from filling balloons and watching my kids begin this ageless game of ‘balloon toss’.

Remember when you were a kid and you’d fill ’em up and begin to toss them back and forth to one another. With each toss there was this excited anticipation mixed with fear. You’d toss and watch, as the one you’ve now entrusted the care of the balloon unto began to see it approaching in mid-air. You’d see their eyes widen as it drew near. You’d watch, hoping that they would fulfill their end of the “balloon toss” trust pendulum by catching it. You knew the inherent risk: that they could drop it, the balloon could burst and the joy could end…

But you played anyway, because the delight outweighed the risk.

It reminds me of relationships. We are counting on the one we’re in relationship with (parent-kid; husband-wife; friend-friend) to catch our exchange of trust as we toss it their way. We express some vulnerability and openness to toss some of our heart in their direction and wait with baited breath to see not only if they will catch it, but will they then return serve and trust us? Will they be trustworthy? Will they do their best to preserve me? That’s what we’re asking of any significant relationship.

Trust is a foundation of any and all relationships.

Sometimes that trust gets dropped and it bursts. At that moment, there is a decision to be made. Will I get another balloon (piece of my heart) and toss it again?

I’ve never met a person that hasn’t dropped a balloon in this balloon tossing game.

I’ll admit, I’ve never been a perfect catcher of the trust tossed in my directions from some of those whom I’m in relationship. My hunch is you’ve dropped a few too. Truth be told, there hasn’t been a relationship in history (outside of Jesus) that hasn’t experienced a “trust drop.”

But in order for relationships to be filled with the anticipation, excitement and fun – there must be a toss of trust within them.

So, if you’ve watched a lot of your heart get dropped, I am truly sorry. I wish it weren’t so. But please don’t give up tossing trust in the direction of some you may come to believe in. The toss of trust is still needed. Don’t let fear and hesitation keep you sidelined and out of the game for good.

As you engage in relationships – do your best to be trustworthy in catching. Then return the toss of trust. And you’ll find that it builds fun, anticipation and excitement within. The truth is: we can each walk around holding a water balloon in our hands, but that’s just not fun.

The toss is where the fun enters in.

2 thoughts on “The Toss of Trust

  1. Hi Jack;

    I love your blogs. Thanks for your great insights and I enjoy the spiritual challenge.

    I just had a few sessions with Wayne Cordero (New Hope – Hawaii). He shocked me with this thought. He said “never trust men.” What? I immediately dismissed his statement. He went on to say that no where, anywhere does it say to trust people. Only trust God. People will disappoint me and I will disappoint others. God will never disappoint. Only he is worthy of full abandoned trust. He went on to say the Bible commands agape love of people. I went to 1 Cor. 13:6 and found that LOVE “always trusts.” Giving love (seeking the best for others) is what I’m to do and part of loving is to act in a way that trusts (but that is not saying the person is trustworthy). We love without having to depend on a trustworthy person. This fits the whole verse that also says that love protects, hopes and perseveres. These are qualities that describe love. So I’m just beginning to process this. So maybe if we don’t try to force ourselves to trust others, but rather choose to love unconditionally. Maybe we’ll all be in a better spot. If trust is the leading motive, I will get disappointed. True love doesn’t get disappointed because it expects nothing in return but is a decision to act in the best interests of others. Just thinking and processing out loud – not ready to come to a conclusion yet.

    1. Good thoughts. That’s a challenging statement – though I understand the idea/concept that trust within a human relationship is prone and will be broken. Just the same that everyone drops the balloon from time to time. I’m not sure that I’d go that far, to never trust men. We are called to be the ‘body’ and interwoven within activity, relationship and engagement in the world with one another. Ultimate trust is only sustained and never broken by God himself and our trust in him alone – true. But to engage in trust is a must to see relationships move to any level of intimacy and camaraderie. 1 Cor 13:6 calls us to trust – even to trust in those that are at then end of the day – not completely trustworthy – because they are NOT God. True love doesn’t look for return, but true love must navigate waters of disappointment and still keep swimming. We can do that as we’re continually connected with the ONE true love that doesn’t neglect, break trust or abandon us. Human trust is a choice. A choice that is necessary for relationships to go anywhere. Glen – good thoughts and by the way – I trust you. Blessings.

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