Confirmation Please

Every time you make a deposit through your ATM, you look for it…

When you buy an airline ticket, you wait for the email of it…

It’s the confirmation.

We all desire to have things confirmed, so we know that all has been processed. Reassurance can rest within us afterwards. We like confirmation because it brings a sense of peace.

But now enter real life decisions and choices. The options are open before us. Choices abound. What then? We evaluate. We dream and maybe even write out the pros and cons. We seek counsel. We contemplate. We pray.

What we wish for is confirmation that the decision we’re leaning into is the right one. That the resolve to move forward is sound and trustworthy. Some decisions bring confirmation more clearly than others ~ that’s life.

I was reading in the life of Gideon (Judges 6-7) and was struck by a beautiful reality. God brought confirmation to his heavy heart. The task before him was daunting for sure, made even more so, by choosing to trust in God’s direction to further limit his options. It cast him into leaning with more dependency on God’s power to act. (read about that in chapters 6-7 of Judges)

The story is full of lessons, but the one for us to be reminded of today is simple. God delights in confirming His presence, provision and protection. He may not do it as clearly as He does for Gideon in your life, but stay alert to the ways and nudges of His confirmation as you seek Him and His will.

Read this encounter afresh Judges 7:7-15 ~ basically, God wakes Gideon up in the middle of the night on the eve of a grand battle in which he is greatly outnumbered. God tells him to sneak down to the enemy camp with one friend and just listen in. This dream is given to the fellows in this tent, it’s interpreted as God’s hand being behind the forces of Gideon and that certain doom for the enemy is looming.

Can you imagine the elation Gideon feels as he’s eaves-dropping? The comfort as he’s reminded of God’s provision…

God wakes him up to encourage his heart.

Then the next verse says, “When Gideon heard the dream & its interpretation, he worshiped God.”

As you seek the answers, weigh the options and sift through the choices that lay before you; may you rest in the truth that God does delight in confirming His presence and assurance of His involvement. He may not do it as timely as we’d like or with all the bells and whistles we desire, but I believe He still brings confirmation.

May you be refreshed by the confirmations God stirs your way and let’s you become aware of in your life. And then may your heart be moved to pause long enough to worship in those moments. To delight in the beauty of a Creator who loves to let his kids eaves-drop in on what He’s up to in our lives. A God who loves to encourage is our God.

If you’re in a moment longing for confirmation, ask Him for it, and then wait on Him and listen. (Isaiah 40:27-31)

May God whisper often and may we become more aware…

Q) How has God confirmed things to you throughout your life?

3 thoughts on “Confirmation Please

  1. Thanks, Jack! I often remind myself to calm down, be patient, and listen for God. Sometimes I just want to do it myself! But nothing ever works out like it does when I pray and then listen. He always knows best.

    1. Well said, rushing doesn’t nec. lead to realizing the right thing to do. God tends to nudge and whisper more than shout above the roar of a rushing life. Great story below – thanks for sharing!

  2. Q) How has God confirmed things to you throughout your life?

    Oh, and about the Q, God has continually nudged at my heart since a child. I was never raised a Christian or taught anything about God, my family and friends never spoke of him so I knew nothing. I read John 3:16 by chance one day when I was a kid and at that exact moment I felt him in my heart. I felt his love. That was the only confirmation I needed!

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