Attempt It

There is so much that might push you back. Whispers for you to retreat.

It’s the butterflies in the stomach and the insecurity of “I’ve never…”

As it comes to the challenges we face in life or the new opportunities that come beckoning, there will always be this twinge within to simply pass.

But there is also a simple truth if you do:

If you don’t attempt, you eliminate your ability to learn.

Learning can only occur within the attempt. Trial and error can be a teacher if you let it.

The other week I got to do something I never pictured myself doing. I got to be a real ranch hand as we branded cattle. If you know me, you know this is not me. It was my own City Slicker moment. But definitely something I never would have imagined, nor regretted.

In the middle of experiencing something new, I learned. I was reminded of some things. I also got some great sermon illustrations:)

But I wouldn’t have gotten those nudges and insights if I had passed on the opportunity. I needed to attempt in order to learn.

So much of our lives in parenting, in the workplace, or in leadership call for this commitment of the ‘attempt’. Part of growing, adapting, stretching as leaders, in business or in building and investing in your family – will flow out of what you attempt.

You can’t learn and change, if there is no attempt.

So: what is before you this season that is nudging you to try something different, experiment with a new way of facing a challenge or to attempt a new approach to the problem before you?

Opportunity awaits…

Attempt it. Then learn and adapt. Don’t shy away or shrink back.

2 thoughts on “Attempt It

  1. It is so hard to move from that “safe place”, the place that is so familiar to a place of ” stepping out” and trying something new. I have moved out of my safe place many times in my life and tried teaching my kids how to do that and take the risks. It has paid off for the most part. Hard lessons at times, disappointments and tears, but for the most part, I wouldn’t change a thing. There aren’t too many times I can think of where I would say, “I wish I would have…”. The picture you have about opportunity, I have for a poster that I put up on my door where I teach. “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

    1. Way to step up, step out – by modeling and encouraging Christine. New adventure await around every corner, may we continue to risk, guided by wisdom. Blessings.

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