The Wave

Perhaps you’ve been at a stadium and suddenly you began to see it. It starts out with a small gathering, but picks up some steam. Random strangers doing a synchronized dance of preschool proportions – the original ‘flash mob’. You find yourself joining in on “the wave” (I’ll be honest: it’s fun to participate in the wave…until it’s gone around 15 times and the obligation feeling of partnership wore off 10 trips ago)

This is not the wave I’m referring to as the necessary wave of leadership…

When you’re out for a walk and perhaps you’re on one side of the street and there is someone on the other – there is that split second when it feels natural to wave. This is all about acknowledgement. It’s a reminder that you’re not alone. There are others sharing your space, your journey and are active in a similar process. There is something very simple and encouraging about that wave.

Acknowledgement is a key to developing partnership. It’s a key to building relationships. It’s a key element of leadership. So wave your way through your leadership opportunities.

The ‘wave’ of acknowledgement can be as simple as:

  • stopping by a desk to say hello
  • a 2 minute hallway conversation
  • a brief pep talk – pointing out 1 contribution that team member made
  • asking a follow-up question off a previous encounter
  • a simple email of encouragement
  • a written note of appreciation

By engaging in the ‘wave’ as a leader, you’re simply acknowledging again that you’re not alone on the walk of leadership within your organization, company, church, school, or business.

Everybody wants to be acknowledged. To feel that they are noticed for their contributions.

Leaders can sometimes become isolated, consumed with details and withdraw from those that are sharing the journey. So good leaders have to keep their eyes open, looking for ways to connect – to acknowledge.

Good leaders wave.

So as you go throughout your day; who needs a ‘wave’ from you?

Who has been that encourager of you in your organization or life?

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