There are certain times in life that are more somber than others. These particular moments are usually filled with loss.

Maybe it’s the loss of a routine you’ve known, a loss of a freedom, an ability you had or dream you wanted. Maybe the loss was heavier. It involved the loss of someone. Someone close, someone that mattered to you. The kind of loss that leaves a hole in a soul.

Typically we center our pursuit of ‘found-ness’ around something that is lost and by definition can be found again. A wallet that was lost, can be found – be replaced.

But there are those losses that can’t be found again – can’t be brought back to the ‘way things were’ or replaced ‘as good as new‘.

Those losses leave gaps that can’t be filled.

But it might be that within those gaps – something new, something fresh can be found…

In fact, it might be within the brokenness of such deep loss we can rediscover what really matters. Or get reminded again to pursue that which is truly worth living for…

Our normal everyday existence is a whirlwind of activity – and often the things of greatest value get replaced by the demands of the urgent and maybe less significant. Maybe it’s in times of great loss where we are starkly reminded of what needs to be found.

We need to find the things of higher value and to evaluate the frequency of them in our lives. Has the most significant become replaced by the simple and urgent. Has the whirlwind realigned our lives to pursue the louder things over the whispers of what matters most?

In times of loss – take a moment to recalibrate life. Recover and reclaim the most important. Realign. Determine to choose the more important over that which is simply more noisy.

In times of loss – make sure to put the most valuable things of life in closer proximity and in greater density within your daily activity.

In moments of loss, it’s time: to rethink – to remember – to find.

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