Extreme Gratitude

I’m grateful for the opportunity to champion and cheer my kids on in life. I’m grateful for my wife who pushed me to go on our Middle School camp here at Lone Tree Adventure Camp in New Mexico, though I just returned from overseas. I’m really glad I came.

Not only am I a witness to the work that the Lord is doing, as He is shaping and calling hearts to choose Him as the ultimate. He is at work within relationships: healing, bonding, connecting and encouraging – I see it all around me. The activities and teaching have been incredible! Camps are opportunities that create mile markers in our student’s life and our faith journeys. Maybe you got to attend a camp when you were growing up, do you remember some lessons from that experience?

I’ve seen the benefit of this for years. I’m grateful to serve on a staff with fantastic Youth Pastors, leaders and outstanding volunteers.

I’m also grateful for the opportunity to hang out with my son. Today, was extreme bonding day as we tackled different adventures. See some pics below. Though I’m aware that you can’t build a relationship upon shared experiences alone, you can certainly leverage them to foster a better relational connection.That’s a great reminder for every parent.

Don’t just enjoy experiences together – leverage them to grow your relationship and open up deepening connections and conversations.

6 thoughts on “Extreme Gratitude

  1. Jack!!! You are a wise, passionate leader. You are a conscientious and adoring father. You are a devoted and a “love Amy till I drop” husband 🙂 I have raised my boys…(now men)! And still, your blog encourages me…and motivates me…as mom AND as “Drama”….to “do better”…because I “now know better”!
    My prayer for you is that our wise, adoring, devoted and “love Jack forever” Father, God…..will teach, encourage, infill and sustain YOU….as a Leader…a Husband….a Father…..and as a Teacher of His Word.
    Thank you for being “there”….and
    Thank you for your example!
    Nancy Bargar

  2. I could not be more proud of you and I know your mom would have been also. It is so neat to see what God has done in your life. Dad

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