What hasn’t changed?

They say everything changes. That the only thing that doesn’t change, is change itself.

A few weeks ago, I got to visit with a young lady in the hospital. She was recovering from a procedure and in the process of physical therapy to help her return to her residence.

Did I mention that this beautiful woman is a young 102 years old? As I exited the elevator to walk toward her room, I was thinking of all the change this lady has seen in her lifetime. As we chatted, she relayed story after story of settling in N. Arizona and homesteading. Stories of her family and up bringing. Stories of all the change that has occurred in all facets of life. I asked questions, she’d tell stories.

The question I asked her next caused her to pause. I simply asked her: “In your lifetime, you’ve seen so much change – can you recall what has stayed the same?” “What hasn’t changed?”

She didn’t have an answer, she said – never thought about it.

This past week, this 102 year old beauty, emailed me her answer. (yes you read that correctly – she emailed me, think about that.) I hope you’ll find her answer helpful and reassuring to you in your faith.

Dear Rev. Schull,

I appreciate very much having you visit me in Rehab. You must have a lot of people to visit and I felt honored to be  included.

My daughter reminded me that you still want an answer to your question, “What has not changed during the last 100 years?”

What a question, but I will try.  I searched my memories of those 100 years of transportation, education, manufacturing, family life, morals, entertainment and other activities.  I couldn’t come up with anything that hadn’t changed. 

My searching kept coming back to  one idea.  God always has been and still is in control of what He created.  No change there.  There have been changes on our planet and in space but no change in His control  of His creation. 

We can trust God, because He is unchanging & ultimately trustworthy.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. ~Hebrews 13:8

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