Character Matters

There are certain things you read that really push you, stick with you and challenge you. I read this the other day about character from Andy Stanley’s book Louder Than Words.

Your character is instrumental in establishing how long you will be able to hold on to the fortune afforded you by hard work and good luck. Your character is the internal script that will determine your response to failure, success, mistreatment, and pain. It reaches into every single facet of your life. It is more far-reaching than your talent, your education, your background, or your network of friends. Those things can open doors for you, but your character will determine what happens once you pass through those doors.
What is true of every living thing is true of your character. Your character is not stagnant, but is either developing or deteriorating.

Great words to chew on and remember – character is always developing or deteriorating.

I’m thankful for parents that worked hard to mold my character as much as create experiences and provide for my safety. I’m hoping I’m doing the same for my kids. I do know that good character doesn’t equal perfection, but does involve progress toward genuine and sincere living. It’s being built everyday in every decision, action, reaction and through every challenge. It matters that we build wisely.

What do you think about Andy’s thoughts? Who has helped shape your character – how?

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