Get in the Game

When you’re at a sporting event, sitting in the stands, there exists some standard understanding and activities.

You cheer on the team. You watch the team. You analyze the teams strategies and execution of their efforts. You may wander away from the seats for a brief interlude, but as you’re gathering your refreshments – you’re talking. You’re talking with friends or strangers around you about observations.

You return to your seat and analysis, cheering; the voicing of your joy or displeasure continues. If they do well, you’ve enjoyed your experience. If they do poorly, your experience is at best tainted.

Ultimately the experience from the seats centers around  observation only.

But the view from the field is much different.

When you’re on the field, your actively participating in the game. On the field, your experience is NOT centered on observation alone; but rather all your effort, energy, thought and focus is anchored around participation. You’re IN the moment of enjoying engagement in the game.

The other day, a friend allowed me to borrow a field pass and I got to roam the sidelines of the University’s football game. For years I’ve sat in the stands. My whole experience was centered around the view from there. All the activity that happens there. But suddenly my view had changed. I wasn’t just observing players, I was on the field just outside of the lines of where participation happens.

It was a place of great joy for me – I felt the electricity and had a difficult time not wanting to get on the field and participate (though I’m sure I’d be crushed, it was just the sense of excitement to want to get in the game)…

As a pastor, I long for the many folks that sit within the seats (the stands) of our churches that have lived for years in the observation only mode…I long for them to taste the excitement of what can be. I desire for them to feel the rush of being on the field – participating in the Kingdom work, not just observing it from a comfortable seat.

Now, is participation a challenge at times? Yep. Is participation difficult? Yep. Does participation take effort that will stretch you? Yep. But, is participation worth it? Most definitely. Lasting joy and rewards are found within participation. Observation can leave good feelings, but those tend to quickly fade. The truth is…

Participation always beats observation.

There is blessings for those that participate. God desires his followers to be on the field, not merely stuck in the stands. Look for ways to get in the game with God this season. Get involved in creative and exciting ways on the fields of your neighborhood, your office, your family and maybe even at your church. May you experience the joy of participating with Him and what He’s up too.

You can spend your life talking about things or you can participate in doing some things. Go ahead, get in the game…

Participation always beats observation.

How are you participating? How has it changed you and your perspective? What have you gained from participating with what God is up too?

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