WATCH for Change

My wife Amy and I are very pleased to invite you to join us on a project that will make difference in the life of ONE. Periodically, we’d like to connect our social media with a social cause – to make a difference! We love our friends and all the blessings we get via connecting together in life. We’d love to bring life and that blessing into the life of ONE who needs it. We’re blessed to be a blessing. We just want to do that together with you!

So – here’s Fidel. He’s a 13 year old from Rwanda, we’ve never met him, but together we’re making an effort to change his life for this next year.

The organization “Hello Somebody” has great connections in Africa. They have taken a challenge to give 100 kids in Rwanda – education, spiritual nourishment and 2 full meals a day for the next year!

That’s where you come in. Join us to help Fidel. Here’s his picture.

(click here to see the full details on the Rwanda Campaign)

(see his bio – click here & you can buy a watch)

What we’re asking you to do with us is simple: Buy a WATCH

They are cool watches and for $25 bucks, they are the fashionable statement of HOPE and HELP for Fidel…

You can buy ONE for yourself or get one for a gift.

Our goal is to purchase 70 watches total – that will provide food, education and spiritual mentor-ship for Fidel over this next year. With the Christmas season coming, maybe this watch is a good gift for someone you know and they can know they’re making a difference in Fidel’s life.

Amy and I just picked up our White and Pink watches tonight. So we need 68 more to reach our goal!

So please consider joining our team: #TeamFidel-– This is our hashtag for Twitter. Go ahead and Tweet it up or Share this post on the FB to grab some friends to join us.

We learned about this endeavor from some other twitter friends at a Christian conference and believe in “Hello Somebody” and the difference they’re trying to make. We’ll get updates on Fidel along the way and let you know through this blog. We’ve got 30 days to make this happen, so LET’S DO IT TOGETHER!

Click below to be directed to the HELLO SOMEBODY store, pick out your color and Buy a WATCH for Change! Let’s impact Fidel’s future and set him up for success in life. Let’s let him know people 1/2 around the world care.  We may not be able to change the whole world, but we can change the world for ONE.


(PayPal process – after you’ve entered your info, there is a review of purchase page, near the top of that page, under shipping info line, Note to Seller – click “Add” button and insert #TeamFidel or Fidel’s full name.)

2 thoughts on “WATCH for Change

  1. If you can include #TeamFidel in a subject line of your payment method, that would be great. I was unable to via PayPal, so I’ve emailed the team to let them know. Thanks for making a difference.

    1. Ok (friday morning) Just added the instructions from HelloSomebody on how to indicate #TeamFidel or Fidel’s full name to your purchase. Not user friendly, but they’re trying to improve that for the future. Some of you (like me) have already ordered and we made note of that. Thanks all!

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