Just the right amount

We live in a world of two extremes. Some are captivated by the extreme of excess, so they pursue after acquiring more and more. The other group is held captive by a deficiency and wish they could avoid the extreme of too little.

The extremes of excess and deficiency both have a pull that get us to desire MORE…

These extremes make the headlines of the press and they can draw our hearts to crave more and more, no matter the situation we find ourselves in. Amidst the extremes – the appreciation of adequate and the contentment of ‘just enough’ – well, it just fades.

In a world that pays so much attention to the extremes of excess and the plight of the people and things that are lacking – the notion of “just the right amount” gets lost. It gets missed. It gets overlooked.

What about acknowledging and awareness to the beauty of  “just the right amount”?

Maybe God likes to operate in the realm of providing ‘just the right amount’ more than providing too much or too little. Maybe there is a beauty that comes from learning to appreciate the moments where He’s allowed the ‘just the right amount’ of hope, finances, health, encouragement to be supplied.

I was visiting with a single mom awhile back who was recovering from a health set-back, struggling to raise her kids and preserver in life. I visited in a morning, but had meant to visit the night before. I arrived and we chatted. She was really battling back against depression and was at a low moment. In her words, I had visited at just the right time. Her physical therapist that was assisting her recovery that day was assigned to a room she never works in and happened to be a follower of Jesus from another church in town.

She marveled at the timing of God to grant her a therapist and myself at the low point of her morning. Just the right encouragement at just the right time. It was a delightful prayer time and moment of conversation.

I left thinking about how often God does that with me..in awe again of how often our God seems to distribute ‘just the right amount’ at ‘just the right time’:

He sends ‘just the right amount’ of encouragement in a note, card or email. He delivers ‘just the right amount’ of financial gain for the need. He brings just the right person across our path to enable us to move forward in our en devour. And always at ‘just the right time’.

You probably have examples if you stop to ponder…

This week – look and listen for ways that God might want to use you to help deliver ‘just the right amount’ to someone around you in need. Pay attention to His care of you in the moments of your need. Thank Him for being a God who provides ‘just the right amount’…at ‘just the right time’.

19 And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:10-20)

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