Verbal High-Five

Everybody loves the High-Five.

When you receive one from a teammate, co-worker or friend – it lifts your spirits. You are instantly rewarded with a sense of contribution, that you made an impact.

Often it’s a way we look to pass along an “Great Job” or “Way to go” to someone around us.

It seems to warm our heart giving one, as much as receiving one.

I recently got a text message that was the equivalent – I text back, thanks for the Verbal High Five.

I hit send and it hit me…that’s what that text was. A Verbal High Five!

It stirred this thought: with a few days remaining in this year – who could use a Verbal High Five from me? From you?

Why not make it a point in the next couple weeks to jot down some names of folks who have done a “Great Job” or made a “Way to go” contribution to your organization or your life. Send them a text with some specifics and tell them it’s a #VerbalHighFive

Let it begin…

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