The Importance of Resiliency

It’s vital to be able to ‘bounce back’

As parents – as leaders, it’s vital to demonstrate and also nurture resiliency.

It’s the ability to ‘bounce back’ after facing set backs. Imagine taking a rubber ball and squeezing pressure upon it, so it deforms out of its original shape. As you release the pressure, it actually stretches back to its original form.

Resiliency – ‘bouncing back’ from the hardship, heartaches and difficulties in life is vital to continue toward having healthy relationships and moving forward in life. Every parent I know, hopes their child can have this character quality. Every leader hopes those around them can exhibit this quality. Every one of us hopes we have it too. Why?

Because we know that we’ll need it.

In talking with a friend and the hardships that one of his son’s is facing in a post-college career – the challenges of teaching and the set backs he’s had to handle this year, he mentioned to me: “he’s resilient, he’ll bounce back”. It’s a comfort all parents desire to have, but probably wonder at times if it will be there. We can not manufacture resilience on behalf of someone, we can only help nurture it – we can help encourage it.

We can do things to foster the ‘bounce back’ mentality within our kids and friends. Here’s a few simple suggestions:

1) Help them see the long-term view:  It’s often in the overwhelming feelings of the moment where we can become stuck with a small, narrow scope that defines and limits us. Help people see this moment within the scope of the past and future ones.
2) Just begin again: (help them take the next step) don’t be overwhelmed by all of what is or what might be. Decide what a simple, small step toward the future might be – and then take it. Momentum begins again with one small step.
3) Gain from others: while you’re in the midst of recovery or struggle – lean into others who have been there. Gain from their experience and insights, you’ll find that in the time of learning from them – your resiliency can be rekindled.
4) Look to God for ultimate empowerment to move forward: Often when the pressures of life reveal our inadequacies, we need reminded of God’s sufficiency. He has more than enough concern for you, love for you and power for you to lean into as you move forward together. Part of ‘bouncing back’ for believers is looking UP in order to move forward… God is the giver of strength and power for those who look to Him.
“He gives strength to those who are tired & more power to those who are weak” -Isaiah 40:29
May those times where you find yourself – pressed in and perplexed become transformed into moments of growth, renewal and recharging. May we be people that help those around us by cheering them forward, nurturing resiliency and praying for God to empower them again.

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