3 words for 2012

As this new year launches you might have some resolutions you’re laying out. I’ve thought of some. But I’m trying something new this year – I’m approaching it not with resolution, but rather with a 3 word lens. I got some advise from an online friend Chris Brogan, who tried this the last few years. You sum up some resolutions and goals into 3 words and you let those 3 words frame out and give you a lens in which to see your world this next year. So, I’ve been thinking and praying through what 3 words I’d choose that will help direct some of my actions this 2012.

Give it a try. Here’s my 3 words fleshed out a bit.


This year is all about creation and creativity; creation in writing projects. I’m wanting to blog more and begin work on a book I’ve had circling around within me for the last year. Creation of an excellent “culture” within guest services and effective systems/tools within communications at Casas. It’s also continued goal to stay creative within sermon and lesson development. I want to create some more ‘memory marker moments’ within my family – moments that will build their character and give them found memories of growing up a Schull.


I desire to become more consistent/disciplined in a healthy lifestyle, self-care, marriage care and deepening my relationships with friends. I want to establish a consistent structure of leadership development for myself and those I lead. Also, continuing to initiate  consistent patterns of study and writing [*producing at least 2 blogs a week, an eBook by Spring of ’12 and my first full book by the end of 2012 (this based off my study of the book of Haggai)]


I’m finishing up a book (recommend it) by Mark Batterson entitled The Circle Maker. It has resurfaced a desire to grow in my prayer life this year. So this year is more about the CALL – calling out in prayer to the Mighty One on behalf of myself, my family, our church and friends. I want to create an increased prayer and conversation with God through scripture and solitude.

So – that’s my 3 words for 2012. Here’s to God directing, dreaming and growing me within this focus. Now, it is a bit intimidating to put this out there, but I hope it might stir something within you. Dream Big – we follow a Big God who wants to do Big things in you and through you. Perfection isn’t the goal. Progress is.

What might your 3 words be?

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