Stronger Strength

Reading recently in the Scriptures, I was struck with a simple, but profound verse.

I live in a world that is consumed with improving strength and proving strength.

You live there also. There certainly is a call for us to be good stewards of our physical self and utilize the strength we’ve been given within our capacities. Nations are wise to build strong positions of fortitude to bring stabilization to their people.

But often our pursuit of strength seems to ignore the stronger strength that exists. We can allow ourselves, within this adventure of life, to be lulled into simply building our platform of inner strength and outer strength that we forget to tap into a stronger strength available to us.

Here’s what the Apostle Paul writes directly before he lists out some of the weapons and defenses available to us in Christ to combat the battles that come our way. Ephesians 6:10-20 (some know this to be the Armor of the Lord). Paul challenges us to put on the full armor of God. It’s important to understand the armor available, but first we can’t miss that the armor begins with leaning into a strength – and it’s not our own.

 10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. ~Ephesians 6:10

Reread that verse.

It’s not a challenge for us to muster our strength alone. It’s not a call for us to go forward in life by only adding more internal resolve.

It’s a reminder that we have a strength available and we are to move forward within the strength of God and His might. Not simply our own.

That may look different for each of us – to lean in, tap in and plug-in to God’s strength for the things that we face and the things that face us. We all need strength. All of us will hit spots in our journey where we’re reminded: ours strength isn’t enough.

But friends, God’s strength is available.

So: build your strength, your resolve, your fortitude – but don’t forget to move forward in God’s.

You’ll need it.

It’s a stronger strength anyway.

Q) What might this look like – for people to move forward in God’s strength?

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