Answer the call for Real

It started with toy phones. They were cool for my kids growing up.

But it didn’t take long before the toy faded and we migrated upwards to the fake, yet not fully functioning phones.

In fact, if you make your way around our home, you’ll notice cell phones everywhere. Behind the cushion and under the couch. On top of the table and even in the dog cage perhaps.

Now, it’s not a commentary on how we’ve been hooked by our cultures craving for constant connection or that we’ve been infected by a communication bug. It’s rather, we’re not allowed to throw them away – they were being hijacked by a toddler who longed for a phone – one better than a “toy” phone.

Our youngest uses them – constantly collecting and utilizing these phones for her imaginary conversations, finalizing the details for her tea parties and other adventures only capable of being brewed up within her creative imagination.

That has been the pattern. She’s been content with the ‘fake’ phones to continue her adventures.

Until she had a realization recently.

She stopped me and said, “Dad, I want a real phone. These are fake and that’s just not cool anymore.”

Fake is just not cool anymore.

Somewhere along the way in each of our lives – we all come to this realization. Real is better and FAKE just isn’t cool with us anymore…

Real relationships that provide comfort and even challenge us at times is way better than a fake, surface skipping association of acquaintances.

Real and authentic spiritual growth in our life and intimacy with God is always better than fake follower-ship measured in mere attendance and checking off a few biblical duties.

Real is better.

It’s a simple thought and call for you and I today. As I’m sitting here drinking my ‘real’ caffeinated beverage to jump start my Real morning. I’m praying for you:

  • That you might grow and take steps in your experience with the Real God…to taste a Real connection with Him.
  • That you might crave Real relationships with those around you that can challenge and sharpen you. Friendships where you can find out what it’s like to be truly known and truly know.
  • That you might long to allow the Real you shine forth as you engage this world and not settle for hiding behind fake assumptions or false narratives in order to fit in or avoid fear.

Answer the call for REAL…

Q) how & why have we settled for ‘fake’ things in life?

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