Parenting: Boaz vs his rejected brothers

As a father of daughters, I’m cautious, leery and controlling a bit.

Some might describe it as over-protective…

I’m carefully and strategically trying to establish my relationship with them – building their self-worth, value and my commitment to them!

I’m also cheering on their development as young ladies – wanting them to grow in their independence.

I’m keenly aware that as they mature and become older – some choices in the future – I will have input, but not ultimate veto power.

So, when I saw the following slide passed on from a friend and fellow pastor regarding a speaker teaching on Boaz and Ruth, it caught my attention, made me laugh out loud and also quietly pray my daughters heed it’s wisdom.

If you’re a dad or granddad of daughters – lean in.

Maybe you’ve seen it already – enjoy again – or enjoy for the first time:)

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