A Bedrock Certainty

Sometimes you come across a short and powerful statement that’s a winner.

Recently I stumbled across this reminder from a good man: Rick Warren

“Life is uncertain, God isn’t.”

Read that again – maybe 5 more times…

Life is uncertain:
-circumstances change
-health comes under attack
-stress finds you
-rejection happens
-hurt is inflicted
-loss knocks on your door
-the pink slip lands on your desk
-the phone goes silent for the last time

In all these scenarios and more – the uncertainty of life steals your joy, inhales your air and sabotages your story.

Life is uncertain, God isn’t.

God isn’t:
-going to abandon you
-thrown off by life’s curve balls
-letting you travel forward alone
-forgetful or distant
-out of control; He’s Sovereign
-uninterested in your turmoil
-tight-fisted with His grace

God’s unending grace is MORE than enough to empower the next step in your journey with Him.

I’m certain of it…

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7 NIV)

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