Spiritual Family Rhythms

If you listen closely. If you pause for a moment and reflect – you’ll notice it.

It is something your life shares in common with every piece of music that has ever been recorded down through the dawn of time…

It’s rhythm.

Every song has it. It may not be identical. Every family has it. It definitely isn’t identical.

Your life follows patterns of your daily, weekly rhythms. If you don’t think you have one – then drive a different route to work tomorrow. Shop at a different store. Change where you sit at the dinner table or go totally crazy and sleep on the ‘other’ side of the bed…

We all have rhythms in our life.

Every parent helps determine what is ‘normal’ in their family by the patterns and rhythms that operate in your home.

The question becomes for parents and families that follow Christ: How ‘normal’ is God within your family, your home, your conversations?

Has he become compartmentalized to a ‘time’ of the week? Has He become set aside like Fine China dishware and only interacted with a few times a year? Is He a normal part of your everyday?

An everyday faith, requires an everyday normal rhythm.

In Deuteronomy chapter 6 – Moses is giving his fair well speech/instructions to the families and the gathered faith community and he is challenging them to not allow God to drift to a compartmentalized rhythm within life. Read these verses here: Deut. 6:4-12

Moses is challenging families and God’s faith community back then – and still today – that they would have to create some intentional spiritual family rhythms in life.

A rhythm is: how we arrange and fill our time. And specifically how we arrange and fill it with God being a ‘normal’ part of our rhythms and patterns.

This past week I got to preach about how we can hand-off the faith from one generation to another – view sermon here.

At the end of the message I unpacked a few potential practical habits/activities you can do to help impress faith upon our children that they might choose to internalize it – as their own faith. Consistent spiritual family rhythms – where God is a part of the normalcy of life creates space where faith can take root within hearts.

Be real. Be consistent. Be creative. Be intentional.

Here is a quick list that we gave.

I challenged our folks with 2 things – I now invite you to take up that challenge as well:

  1. Pick ONE new family rhythm that you want to actively do within your family.
  2. Talk to another family that ‘raised their kids well’ – to have their own genuine faith and ask them about what family rhythms they implored to help internalize an authentic faith. Learn from others.

Praying for your family, thanks for praying for mine.

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