All Yours

As you read through John 6:1-14 – you see the disciples faced with an interesting predicament. They are surrounded. Literally.

Thousands of people. Hungry people. Many hungry for necessities of food, yes. But many also hunger for something more. That’s why they’re there.

They have this hunger that has drawn them to investigate this guy Jesus. He speaks with an authority they haven’t heard. He cares with a tenderness and compassion they’ve rarely seen. He values people in a way that doesn’t fit the ‘ranking’ and ‘labeling’ that occurs in their everyday. He’s different.

So they’ve come.

Searching. Listening. And now beginning to hunger for real substance of nutrients to match the substance they’ve been learning from his sermons.

The situation is alarming – “How do we feed all these people,” the disciples ask? Jesus challenges them to look for a way. They find a small sliver of hope in a basket that belongs to a boy. But, what can this boy’s lunchable provide in the shadow of such a multitude?

How can this boy possible contribute to this situation?

Maybe that’s what the disciples are asking…

Maybe it’s better to ask: What can this boy teach the disciples? You? Me?


Spiritual maturity finds it’s roots in the simple offerings of a life…

“Jesus, here’s all I’ve got today. But all I’ve got – is all yours.”

Jesus responded then – and still does today:

All you’ve got is ALL I need. – Now watch what I can do…

*Here’s a thought from a children’s Bible we have that engages this story and speaks of spiritual maturity that surrounds the attitude of sharing… GIVE GOD ALL YOU’VE GOT TODAY and watch what He can do!

Live a life of sharing…and you’ll see His POWER.


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