Over and Out

We just left the scene.

Sure we tried to clean it up the best we could, but we knew there would be a residue that would remain for awhile.

At Chipotle none-the-less. How could we desecrate such a great place…

It was just soda. Mr. Pibb to be exact.

All over the table. All over the floor. All over my wife. I could just blame it on the kids – so I will.

You’ve been witness at such “tragic” events yourself, I’m sure.

Usually THE SPILL – is a dramatic, unforeseen event that causes alarm and leaves it’s mark.

The Spill is almost always a negative thing…

What if we turned it around into a positive? What if it was no longer about a soda, an outfit, a piece of furniture or a burrito bowl…

What if we turned THE SPILL into something that might be an unforeseen occurrence of good – that causes a ‘wow’ experience and leaves a positive mark on the soul of the person it encounters?

What about that?

In fact Jesus speaks in John 7 – about how we are invited to come to him and experience the quenching of the desires of our souls. The thirst that is within each of us. So much satisfaction and fulfillment from Him, that He proclaims that we’ll have “streams of living water flowing from within”…that it will fill us up and spill over…

Jesus is saying: that He is the source of life-giving nourishment for the heart. That those who give themselves over to following him, will not only find what they are searching for – but they will become a source of life-giving hope for others to experience. The Spirit of God residing within – the Bible spells out in other texts.

The Spirit of God living within and SPILLING out of us in love, grace, joy, hope, gentleness, kindness…and other expressions. (see Galatians 5)

It’s the SPILL OVER effect that actually leaves a mark upon the hearts and lives of those it encounters. A godly residue that lingers and begins to stir a life to maybe want more – to seek out the source of this hope, grace and love.

Most spills in our world are uncomfortable or damaging.

But what if there was some that were meant for GOOD?

This is not about a Jesus Juke – (a say one thing, and then turn it spiritual all of the sudden)…

…but maybe a nudge to think about what and how your life can SPILL over more of His love so others can encounter something good in a life that might be already a wreck and a mess…

Just a quick thought from the mess at my table tonight.

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