The Moments that Capture You

The Moments that Capture You

Recently on vacation I was reminded of a simple truth: most moments of life we walk through, but some moments capture you. That captivate you with joy, or sorrow, or fear, or wonder…it’s in these moments we need to make sure we stop & savor. They do something within us, stir us to experience life to it’s fullest. They remind us of what really matters. What’s important. What needs to change, if something does. So – may you live with alertness to be captured and captivated by some certain moments that will arise within the normal routines of your day. May they refresh you and stir your soul anew. This picture – it was a moment that caught me – renewed me to savor her…to stop and enjoy my kids more…before this season fades all too quickly. Enjoy the ride of those moments that capture you my friend. Don’t rush through them (good or bad), but rather savor and learn from them. -Jack

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