Round the Bases

I got to watch my son’s baseball team yesterday in their last regular season game. We were in a small town north of Tucson. Kearny, AZ. It was there in a small town, that I witnessed a big time demonstration of compassion.

In fact, maybe it was more than that. 

Sports sometimes captures moments that transcend the game and put on display humanity at it’s finest. I guess we’ve also seen it transcend toward putting the worst on display as well.

But in yesterday’s moment – it was a boost to the human spirit of camaraderie and the championing of another person, pushing them forward in life, while lifting every heart that was within eyesight.

It was Senior Night. The tradition of announcing all the senior players who are graduating and heading on to the next chapter. One announcement caught my eye and would soon hook my heart. Chris is his name and though I don’t know his past story – I can project his future one.

Chris is the announcer…


You’ll see in the photos that Chris has a condition that has rendered him to a handi-chair. That is a condition he deals with, but it’s not his story. In talking with his mom, he is a great kid that is the announcer for the football, basketball and baseball teams. He is sharp as a tack and knows sports trivia like I know the menu at In-n-Out. Meaning, he knows it well:)

It was his dream to hit a baseball in a game and round the bases. So, that night, he got his shot.

He missed the first couple pitches, but struck the 4th back between the pitcher and third base. Off he went around the bases. As he headed for home, his entire team surrounded home plate cheering him on and then surrounding him in jubilent elation as he crossed.


I was thankful to be wearing sunglasses to hide the water of joy that was leaking from my eyes. After all, I was on the visiting team.

But uniform colors and school names were erased in that moment and everyone was suddenly on ONE team: “Team Chris!”

Chris is heading off to college to study Sports Broadcasting and I’m sure it won’t be the last we’ll ‘hear’ of him. The joy on mom’s face was awesome. The smile that was permanently etched on his face was incredible. The warmth that stirred in every heart within everyone who is a fan of hope was palatable. My eyes leaked. I wasn’t the only one.

Our eyes leak and our hearts are stirred when we witness love.

I thought: That wasn’t just a picture of human compassion and cheer. That was a picture of love! I believe God loves moments like that, because it puts His kind of love on full display. It captures the way things should be…

I believe God is in the business of creating more and more moments like that around us all the time. I also believe He longs to use us in that creation. Keep your eyes open for ways to join him.

Show love. Live Love. Put it on display so others are stirred when they see it.

Love wins.

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