Welcome Back

It’s important sometimes to take breaks. And not just to enjoy a Kit Kat bar.

I’ve been on a break from blogging, but getting back into the saddle.

It’s Friday, so here’s 3 random things:

1) I did a memorial service today where someone read “the Dash” poem from Linda Ellis. It’s a beautiful reminder that how we spend our dash matters. And also an invitation to remember the ONE who can lead us beyond our dash and on into eternity.

2) I’ve really enjoyed our guests that we’re having to Elements as a part of our TRAINING CAMP series. You can catch up with any of them via our website if you want. Excited to have Gebben Miles and Greg Byrne share with us the next couple weeks as we finish it out.

3) College football is back – which means another season of our family tradition enjoying the U of A football games together. #GoCats #BearDown What’s a family tradition you all have?

*type with ya again soon. – Jack


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