Many see the hashtag #ONElife and use it to describe things they want to do or things they’ve done in the life they’re living. You only have one life to live, so live it…and so the concept goes…

Though there is some truth there, I’ve come to see it as something bigger, something more.

Maybe #ONElife isn’t just about us.

I don’t know if you’ve ever built with Lego’s before. I grew up tinkering. I’m not quite Jack the lego maniac, but creating with Lego’s was a decent hobby. Did you know: Lego pieces can be snapped together 37,112 times before they will no longer work (on average according to @FactHive)

Even Lego’s wear down or wear out.

Jesus has a conversation with his disciples one day in Matthew 16 regarding a building project. There is a declaration about who Jesus is and his confirmation that He will build His church upon that statement and truth. Jesus promises to continue to build his church and nothing will stop it. A powerful declaration and promise. Jesus said he’d build his church – it was ekklasia – referring to a gathering of people, NOT a building of stone, brick or concrete. It meant an assembly – “called out ones”…

The Church is an organized group of rescued people anchored to Christ and moving forward in His love, His grace, His hope and HIs focus.

This movement of Jesus is launched and it continues being built. Though it’s faced opposition and even it’s own internal mess – it’s a movement of God’s hope and love being available through Christ – a movement that is still building. It’s a movement we get invited into building alongside Jesus.

Rescued people are invited to join the rescue party. {rescued people, rescue people}

Here’s some truth: powerful movements runs on momentum and it takes resources to fuel momentum. The fuel of the Movement of Jesus is the LOCAL church…the local gatherings of Jesus followers.

The Church is the hope of the world. It’s the vehicle for the movement of Jesus. It takes momentum. The church runs on the gifts and talents of the rescued ones, the contributions they make on multiple levels (time, talent, treasure, prayer and many other things).

And this movement of Jesus throughout history has always moved forward #ONElife at a time.

Someone moved it forward so that you were able to be swept up in the grace of God. You and I are to continue to move it forward (in partnership with Jesus) #ONElife at a time…

Who’s your #ONElife – the life you’re investing in? The ONE you’re praying for? The ONE you’re coming alongside so they might see what a life rescued by God can look like?

We all need to know: we’re a part of the movement of Jesus – the movement He is STILL BUILDING – and he’s doing that #ONElife at a time.

Bottom Line:

We’re enlisted into the active movement of Jesus in this world; we’re not enrolled into a museum about Jesus.

This is Church on the GO through YOU. #ONElife at a time.

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