The Call of Comfort

Comfort calls to us. The ring is heard in each of our lives.

We just got new pillows. It’s our 3rd set this year. Which, I guess, could mean that I’m a restless and reckless sleeper.

Each set has promised comfort, but after a few weeks, they’ve failed to keep their promise. The newest attempt promotes ‘memory foam’, so the verdict is still out.

Comfort. It’s something we seek in a lot of things. From chairs and couches, to the cars we drive and on down to the food we eat or sneak.

The Call of Comfort is one we all hear in the culture of automatic, new and improved, easier than ever and “hey, there’s an app for that” world in which we live. And though comfort is something we seek in furniture, the real question is, has it become something we seek in all parts and areas of life? And is that a good thing?


Can comfort creep into our spiritual journey? Can it begin to reshape our pursuit of Jesus and begin to call us to settle for something less?

Perhaps the call of comfort is louder than we realize.

“Comfortable Christianity”

Is this the label that drives our hearts to desire a relationship with God that doesn’t challenge us to become more? Maybe it whispers a ‘have it your way’ type of journey in faith. Sure, we’re to be comforted by the reality that God loves us, is with us, is for us and will never forsake us. We are to comforted by our God who can redeem and recycle even the greatest setbacks and struggles that come our way.

But the allure of “in every way” comfort within our everyday, may call us to negate the very words of Jesus to ‘follow me’ — and his path took him through suffering, sacrifice and serving, not being served.

The church community isn’t just a collection filled up people, but of pour out people as well. We’re filled up in order to be poured out.

Is it possible that the Church has coaxed itself into believing it’s a gathering of followers who exist for one another alone? Where comfort is what we preach, what we preserve and what we nurture. Is it possible that you’ve become comfortable being comfortable?

Have we fallen asleep in the world and on our mission because we are just too cozy and want to stay put in what we know. We’re gathering, but not willing to scatter out of our comfort zones?  Are we what one theologian said: the “sleeping giant of the Church”… fully able to make a difference in the world, but that would involve getting involved. And that’s difficult when the mentality is to pursue comfort first and foremost…

We’re called to be the “light of the world” – not just the “light unto one another”…and it’s this thought that has me wondering and challenging myself:

Comfortable Christianity wasn’t the primary goal set forth by the crucified Christ

Surely ‘my comfort’ wasn’t all he had in mind when he established the movement of His church to carry his message to a watching, broken and thirsty world.

Friends, it’s my hunch that when comfort becomes our primary focus & aim – our hearts are drifting from the mission Jesus modeled and calls us into.

The movement of Jesus isn’t about come and chill

– it was always about Go, Be, & Do…  (Mt. 28 & Acts 1)

Go into the world, Be my witnesses, Do things w/ people in my love

To “Go” is to stretch yourself. No one ‘goes’ to a comfort zone, you have to get up and leave a comfort zone…

We’ve been poured into – as the Body of Christ – from Christ himself; in order to pour out his life-giving grace into this thirsty world! We’ve been served by Grace himself, in order to go serve grace to a world that’s waiting.

What would it look like for a people and The Church to be used – to be useful – to be ready and willing – to be focused in serving life-giving grace to a thirsty world? Well, there are numerous expressions of what that looks like…

Here’s another question: Would people in this world take notice?     

I’d argue: How could they not…and many already do.

The call of comfort is ringing, don’t answer it.

There’s a better adventure on line 2.

“Follow Me” -Jesus said. What’s He calling you to Go, Be, Do?…

(see Mark 1:16-20 & John 10)

2 thoughts on “The Call of Comfort

  1. What a wake up call to bring our focus upon Jesus call to action. To step out of our comfort zone and embrace the call to love as Christ loved us.

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