Skimming, but Wanting More

Life is moving faster.

There is more to sift through.

Are we skimming life?

I remember being in high school and we had to read ‘the whole book’ as the teacher described the assignment. Fear, trepidation and fatigue set in almost immediately. Procrastination would ensue. Panic would rise up the day before the deadline.

Cliff notes to the rescue. (I mean, I had friends who did this; I remember observing this phenomenon:)

Cliff Notes – summed up the book that was supposed to be read. They projected skimming was all that is really necessary. But if we’re honest, much was missed.

I wonder if we project skimming life as being necessary?

In a new research study via David Kinnaman – who is the president of the Barna Group and directed the research. It’s suggested that the Information Age in which we live, is causing us to process information differently. You can read the study here

It was this quote from Kinnaman, that caught my attention:

He observes, “There are two major forces going on here: Every year people have less time and every year they have more content being thrown at them. This is forcing them to develop the habit of skimming in response to information and content. We are becoming a nation of ‘info grazers.’ For content producers—whether publishers, writers, pastors, teachers, journalists, filmmakers and so on—this means the information age is becoming the distraction age. Consumers are easily distracted and overwhelmed by having to sift through the clutter every day.


he goes on to say:

“By making information about living a better life instantly accessible, the digital age is making the Church no longer the sole arbiter of what it takes to live a life of meaning. There is huge competition now on who or what gets to interpret reality for people.”

“In this respect, we think there is a significant opportunity for the Christian community to address people’s hunger for meaning, for cultural insights and for ‘curated’ content, while at the same time taking seriously the fact that people are increasingly overwhelmed and distracted.”

Interesting thoughts for sure. Maybe, much like Daniel in the time of exile, we get to live in such a way to help people interpret, understand and reengage a greater calling toward significance and meaning. To help them see deeper and beyond what is right before their eyes. To help them navigate confusing moments and the whirlwind of information that surrounds them.

We get to do that in practical ways. Maybe casting God’s ‘timeless message and truths’ into new packaging, so it’s digestible for a people living on the run and overwhelmed.

Curious about your thoughts?…

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