Team Win

At every press conference following a NFL playoff victory, you will hear the phrase, “team win”.

What they are meaning is that it takes a collective effort from 53 players and numerous coaches, trainers and even the gatorade guy for a “W” to happen in this part of the season. There might be a few notable persons that capture headlines and who the media want to speak too, but the entire organization knows the reality: that win, was a “team win.”

Everyone doing their part so to make the whole better and successful.

Last night, we began the journey of Elements 2.0 – relocating our church into the heart of our beautiful city and beginning phase 2 of ‘bringing the hope of Jesus to the heart of our city.’ It was a great night. Lots of fans and supporters, our Elements family and new friends coming for the first gathering in our new place. It was great in so many ways. Too many ways to mention.

It was a ‘team win.’ So many people, volunteers and staff working on doing their best / their part to make the whole sum of the experience better. I’m forever grateful for all of our great volunteers! For some key individuals who bring their expertise to shine and for the countless people who have been supporting us in prayer for the last year or so.

Thank you.

Great ‘team win’. 

Now, we’re settling in to keep it rolling. All for God’s Glory to make Jesus famous.

We want to see lives changed by his hope and love. See people take their next step into freedom and life with God. See relationships restored, strengthened and developed. See folks getting to know God better. See individuals released to utilize their skills and passions to build a greater story. See our city experience some new life and renovation. 

God has more in front of us. So for now: GREAT ‘team win’ …but there’s more winning in front of us friends. Here we go.



*side note: we need to get a gatorade guy.

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