No Other Name

We just finished up Easter and as it fades into days gone by, its message rings on.

What gets declared on Easter, gets to be communicated every day. We are a resurrection people inviting others to new life. 

No Other Name promises new life through faith, not performance. No Other Name offers forgiveness and fresh starts. No Other Name invites the tired, weary and worn down to find rest in His Name.


No Other Name welcomes the wandering home. No Other Name promises His presence without end or interruption. No Other Name proclaims your extreme value through their unrelenting pursuit of you.

No Other Name:

  • Gives life-giving grace
  • Rescues the forgotten
  • Heals the wounded
  • Empowers the weak
  • Calms the worried
  • Comforts the frazzled
  • Redeems the broken
  • Enlightens the seeking
  • And Saves the lost

No Other Name.

NO OTHER NAME is truly worthy of our ultimate celebration.

So, on everyday, including EASTER, we recognize the ONE name that RISES above all others… JESUS

The resurrection is God’s proof that He can create new beginnings out of anything…

*If you want to see our Easter message: click here

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