Never Absent

“Out of sight, out of mind.” That’s how the saying goes. When something or someone is not visible, active or heard from, then they must be gone and thus we don’t focus or consider them.

But is that really true?

Remember the times following the concert where the crowd cheers, yells and claps until the band returns for an encore. They play a few more, then exit again. The crowd claps again, but this time the applause doesn’t bring them back.

They have left the building.

Have you ever had a time in life where you felt like God was silent?

Where you wondered if he had left the building? Your life? Your surroundings?

Often we begin associating God’s silence with His absence.

But friends, that’s why the message and story of Christmas is such a profound and powerful reminder. God’s silence doesn’t equal his absence…

For hundreds of years (400+) the silent nights of generations listened and leaned in to God, but all the stories that played were reruns from the past. From Malachi chapter 4 until Matthew chapter 1 – 5 generations endured silence. No sign of God’s activity, communication or movement within and among them. They told the stories of long ago, but no new highlight reels were emerging.

Then the Silent Night we sing about bursts onto the scene!


Christmas night (the original) unfolds with some pomp and fanfare from Angels to shepherds, a star in the sky, but no social media blitz or other high octane announcement demonstration.

But that Silent Night unleashed a renewed reality: God had been active all along. He had been at work behind the scenes. He had now interrupted our human story with His Divine Intervention.

The Incarnation was a divine interruption into history that initiated the greatest gift of all time. In Christmas and through Christmas, God broke the silence and declared His presence. God’s declaring through the Christmas story: “I’m WITH you.” “I’m a with you God.”

God’s silence does NOT equal His absence.

He’d been active and at work behind the scenes the whole time.

Let that be a reminder to you this Christmas. God may appear silent in your life at times, but He’s never absent.

He’s at work still. Lean in to Him and trust that He will reveal His presence at just the right time. Be encouraged and anchored again to the beauty of Christmas and all it declared back then for our here and now moments.

God is WITH you.

*click here if you want to see our sermon about this

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