Empty is good

empty tomb of Jesus

I got to stand just a few yards from where Jesus was put into this tomb – after giving his life on the cross. His life had ended – His body was carried here – and the dream of his movement sure seemed to have reached its end.

That’s what the disciples felt. That’s what anybody would have felt.

You see: a tomb is a marker that signifies THE END!
No way up, no way out.

We all can identify moments in our lives where the ‘end’ seems to have arrived. There appears no way up, no way out. People battle that feeling – we all do at times – that sense of defeat and despair that overwhelms. Where our life situations & circumstances weigh us down and we feel we’re at the end.

There may seem no way forward into anything better…

But the beauty of this particular tomb is that it’s a marker all right – but a marker of something radically different!!

You see — this tomb, it’s no longer occupied.
No occupado my friends.

No longer a marker of ‘the end’ – It now stands as a marker to new beginnings. New adventures.

And It’s vacancy means you and I can have an eternal resiliency.

empty tomb entrance

What used to be a marker of Endings – became the marker to everything NEW…
…because Jesus got up AND Jesus walked out.

And when He walked out of this tomb, forward into new life – he issued an invitation to any and all: follow me toward new chances and new beginnings.

Friend, Your past drama doesn’t have to define you. Your current chaos doesn’t have to hem you in. What you may see and sense as your ‘end’ – may just be His miraculous marker to a whole new beginning.

there is a way up –
there is a way out…

Friends: see and believe the good news! We CELEBRATE on Easter, because the marker got flipped. What was an end – is now an everlasting reminder that we can move forward into NEW. We weren’t abandoned by him, we’re invited to walk forward with him.

His tomb’s vacancy means you and I can live with an eternal resiliency.

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