Up starts Down

The other day I was reading a few comments that Louie Giglio made surrounding leadership. He speaks about how the movement up really begins with moving down.

Here’s some of his thoughts on humility and leadership:


“Young leaders: humility is not a sign of weakness, rather it is our strength. For one, the lower we are on our faces before the Lord the less there is for our adversary (and adversaries) to shoot at. And two, God always looks in the same place when He is ready to raise someone up…He looks down. True humility is not a character trait to be developed, but the byproduct of being with Jesus. When we are close to the Almighty there is always less of me. Seek Him, not title or fame. If and when He chooses, He will lift you to the top without regard to man’s qualifications or timetables. He loves to lift up the humble, but to be self-centered and self-promoting invites resistance. God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” -Louie Giglio

May you experience the benefit and byproduct of more time with Jesus.

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