Scars and Dents

I have a scar by my right eye. It’s from when I jumped off my bed as a 5 year old into a bean bag and missed. I didn’t actually miss, I just got redirected on the way there. Instead of being engulfed by beans and leather first, I took the detour, first bouncing off the hard wood rocking chair with my face. There was blood. There were tears.

Now there’s a scar.

Please don’t judge my athletic ability by that one jump. It can happen to the best of us.

When I see the scar, I remember the story.

Scars and Dents tell stories.

They can make us laugh as we retell the moment. They can make us cry. They can train us. Teach us. They can redirect us. They can be helpful. God can even redeem the scars from our past for our good. (Romans 8:28) That doesn’t mean that sometimes what happens to us is a good thing, just that God can recycle it. No scar is fun. They are painful. They are sometimes not even our fault.

Some scars you wear, some you carry. And scars can remain even after the healing has begun.

Same goes for dents.

I have a dent in my right fender of my Jeep. It’s a marker I can notice, though others don’t see it readily. But, it reminds me to make sure I do a double take before I run into the person in front of me as I merge out of the shopping center.

Here’s what I’ve learned through scars, dents and mistakes in life: it’s in the mistake and mess-up moments of life where we learn the most. They can be great reminders. It’s often where we can grow the most.

Their stories take on a greater sense of meaning, recycled purpose and significance.

I got to accompany my daughter’s school down to Mexico and build a home with Amor Ministries. We built a two room 11×22 house in 3 days. A family of 5 now calls it home. It’s their first home and it got them out of living in their car. It’s a small house by some standards, but it’s a mansion full of hope, love and potential for them.

Amor home

As we handed over the keys upon completion, their 2 year old daughter dropped the keys into the wet cement of their new porch step.

It left a indent. 

Amor Step with keys

Some saw it as a mistake – so we went to smooth it out again, but the family stopped us.

Why? Because dents happen.

This one left a mark that will be a constant reminder of the day this family received their first home. And as that little girl grows – that imprint will remind them all of God’s concern and provision, as He made a way for that house to become their home.

Scars and Dents leave marks.

But, God can redeem those scars and dents and turn them into MARKERS of His care, love, provision, protection and interaction within your life. He can recycle those scar stories for your good.

It’s all in how you look at it, as you trust in Him.

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