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Extreme poverty is about trying to survive one day at a time. Those living in this kind of poverty live on about a $1 a day. Poverty is hunger, inadequate shelter, lack of clean water, poor or no education, no job, no health care, fear, vulnerability to abuse and in too many cases no hope.

600 million children live in extreme poverty. But we are making progress as this number continues to decline.

The Church has the capacity and calling to make a difference! The church must be at the center of transformation because poverty is not just a physical issue, it is a social and spiritual one as well. It is the compassion and practical care of the local church that makes a present, lasting and eternal difference in the lives of people.

We, as the church, want to remain active in making a difference across our street and city. We want to be ‘good neighbors’ that advocate for God’s hope to be expressed and experienced by people in need. We’re now beginning to set up strategic partnerships around the world to expand that investment and impact, as God guides us.

Elements Loves Ecuador & Compassion International

Our Elements Loves Ecuador project allows people in our church to have an active and personal engagement in making a difference for a child and family in poverty.

We are partnering with Pantano Christian Church & Compassion International to sponsor 200 children who will be introduced to Jesus (along with their families), receive basic care and lots of love. But Compassion knows, like we do, that this holistic care is best done by the church. So our other partner is Stadia, a church planting organization that has connected us with The Fullness of God church out of Guayaquil that is planting the church we are partnering with in Playas, Ecuador. The church in Playas is called The Blessing of God and is led by Pastor Carlos and his wife Elizabeth.

Bendicion de Dios Student Center will provide the sponsored children with:

  • Bible teaching
  • Medical checkups
  • Nutritious food
  • Leadership training
  • School supplies

The Center also provides educational workshops, health education and counseling. They will use the relational connections to share Jesus with the parents and guardians of the sponsored children. The paid and volunteer staff for the Center have already been identified and have started serving in the ministry areas.

Compassion Sunday @ Elements – May 17th

How can you make a difference?

You’ll be able to make a difference in the life of a child and his or her family through a child sponsorship. Elements will have 20 kids for our folks to sponsor and foster a relationship as you support, pray and impact your child and family. Sunday, May 17th will be the day YOU can take this step to help! (approx: $38/mo. per child)

You can learn more about and actually experience what children in poverty experience through the Compassion Mobile Experience: Change the Story on May 15-18. It will be parked and on display for tours at Pantano Christian Church.

Click here for more info and to sign up for the Mobile Experience.

*Note: instead of sponsoring a child from the Experience itself you’ll be able to sponsor our kids from Playas on Sunday (5/17) at Elements after service.

Finally, you’ll be able to actually visit your child and family and the work in Playas. Our first short-term trip is scheduled for November 7-14, 2015. *ask us for more information.

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