Courageous Faith

Courage seems to be something we all desire to live with, but sometimes find lacking or waning within us. Why is it such a challenge to live courageously?

What does it look like to live courageously in our faith journey with Christ? What does it look like to live life on adventures with God?

There is this story that unfolds within Matthew 14 of Jesus walking on water. It takes place on the Sea of Galilee.

Sea of Galilee - sunrise

You might remember reading it or hearing about it. But it’s so much more than simply about him water skiing without skis…it’s really about the kind of courage He longs to see in His followers then and today.

It’s not a forced courage – where He gets all up in your grill and is sternly telling you to be more courageous like some coach trying to get you to be more, do more. No, it’s a gentle command and invitation He extends to those who have settled in to being ‘boat potatoes’ but long for something more…

His invitation is for those who will choose to live craving growth and proximity to Him most.

To live an adventurous faith with God, requires a prerequisite: We must treasure GROWTH more than COMFORT.

Living with a courageous faith isn’t about reckless leaps of faith on our own, it’s about intentional steps of faith next to Jesus. That’s what we see in Peter – he didn’t just leap over the edge in reckless abandon – he made sure Jesus was calling him out there. 12 people heard the call. 1 became a ‘water-walker’ while 11 settled for being ‘boat potatoes’.

Yes, there was the whole “he saw the wind and began to sink” failure moment, that was immediately met with a rescuing moment. Jesus reached out and Peter was never really out of reach from the saving grip of His Savior. Neither are we.

There is risk of failure and danger out walking on the water – but there is also danger in staying put in the boat. We miss out on the adventures God has in store for us. This story clearly shows that there is a cost for getting out of the boat, but don’t become blinded to the cost of staying in the boat…

We’re not meant to be a ‘boat potato’, we’re meant to follow Jesus where He is, not where we want Him to be. It’s a life of active adventures with Jesus and sometimes that involves water walking. And as we do – our understanding, wonder, amazement of how BIG Jesus really is has room to expand.

truth is:

a courageous faith helps us experience the closeness & bigness of God.

And it’s in the midst of these adventures with Him, where we are forever changed.

*I preached a message on this, that you might find helpful, you can watch it here 




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