Love Sweats

There’s a lot of talk about love. Ideas, concepts and conversations around what it is and what it looks like.


This post isn’t about debating the intricacies of it or an attempt to get our arms completely around it. This is about highlighting one reality of love.

Love sweats.

Love is active. It takes initiative. Love serves. Love looks to get involved and express itself. Love wants others to know and see it, not merely hear about it in a story that’s whispered with words. Love wants people to feel it and have that sensation travel with them long after the words of love have fallen forgotten from the receivers ears.

Love works & takes effort. Love wades into tension and ventures into enacting creative solutions. Love takes elbow grease and uses it to grow the relationship. Love looks outside itself and seeks to serve those it sees.

Love sweats.

It sweats the small stuff and takes notice of the simple and complex needs of those it seeks to bless, encourage and bolster. It listens and then it responds. It engages in the lives of those that are treasured and cared for, by actually doing the caring of them. Love serves. Tangibly. Energetically. Relentlessly.

Love doesn’t demand attention, it gives attention. Love is lavish generosity on display for those around to taste and see. Love benefits those that bump into it and it richly blesses those who express it.

Love sweats.

Love is not mushy words. Love is motivated actions.

Love hustles, hugs, hastens and causes things to happen. It discovers. It directs. It digs in its heels in order to get the leverage it needs to accomplish great things.

Love sweats.

I love that we got to put God’s kind of love on display during our #ServeSunday at Elements City Church. We cancelled church the way we know it, so we can BE the Church and Show it.

Elements Serve Sunday
Elements Serve Sunday

The love of God sought us out and actively got involved in our world and life, so that we may be found. So that we’d feel it, sense it and experience it – not just be told about it via words on a page. It became personal (in Jesus) and got personally involved! God is so extravagantly generous and that’s why #generositywins and why His kind of love must motivate us to be active, to do, give and go.

Love sweats.

Love motivates 120+ people who represented all of our Elements family to Get. Work. Done. Love moved 20 tons of rock, got a food pantry built, cleaned the school grounds and filled a dumpster and 1/2 with trash, painted, sorted school supplies, scrapped 10,000+ pieces of gum, power washed 1/3 of the school, wiped down walls/lockers, dusted a library, weeded and tore out stumps. Love motivated our kids to make gift bags for all the school staff. Love wiped 800 auditorium chairs and did so much more!

Love was also thirsty and hungry and went through 600+ water bottles and 30 pizzas.

Love sweats.


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