We have all witnessed it.

We’ve all done it.

The situation is unfolding and then someone kicks UP the volume. Tensions rise. We call these discussions – “heated”.

Whether it’s the person at the airline counter who once was trying to convey their frustration and need, but has now slipped across the line into personal attack.

Maybe it’s the family conversation that has escalated. Or the interaction at the office that has moved way beyond uncomfortably awkward.

Today, I heard a line listening to a podcast, that reminded me of a simple, but profound leadership tip.

This tip works in the work place, on the relationship front and inside the home…



“When your volume goes UP, your influence goes DOWN.”

As a parent and as a leader – I’m most concerned with having and maintaining influence.

We can have tense and tough conversations with people. We will need to have them. But what we want in those moments is to leverage our influence.

Speak into someone’s life.

When we try to YELL at someone’s life, typically our leverage leaves.

So I need this reminder. 

Thought you might as well.

Fools give full vent to their rage,
    but the wise bring calm in the end. -Proverbs 29:11

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