LOVE > hate

I’m typing this, still in disbelief that I’m writing this in the United States of America and the year 2017.

Let me be clear.

Hate and racism is wrong everyday and in every possible way.
I’m disgusted by what’s been unfolding in Charlottesville, VA and I’m reminded of a simple truth the Apostle Paul writes in Romans for us a followers of Christ.

Romans 12:9
Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.

We’re challenged to love with sincerity. To love all people. We’re challenged to stand against evil and to cling or hold onto what is good.

There is nothing ‘good’ or ‘patriotic’ about Nazis, KKK or White Supremacists or the AltRight. These are not simply hate groups – these are movements of EVIL. We will call it like it is. We are ALL part of the human race. Each has value because God says so, as we are ALL made in his image. (Imago Dei)

Racism is a SIN issue, not a skin issue. And it is wrong everyday and in every way. These groups stand for an ideology that is in direct opposition to what Jesus stands for. It’s time for a stand friends. I WILL ALWAYS STAND WITH JESUS.

He is FOR You, For Me, For people. He is against evil and holds the ultimate victory over it. And He will one day make all things right.

Until then, we’re enlisted to stand with him – to stand for what He is for and against what He is against. Racism has absolutely no place in the life of a Christ follower! And if it resides in our hearts – we need to repent, renounce and return to the heart of Jesus.

Heaven, that God secures for us through faith, is a place where every tribe, nation, people and language (see Revelation 7:9) assembles to praise the ONLY ONE who is truly supreme: JESUS. And Jesus is the ONE our world needs more of…

This ‘Alt-right’ movement should NOT be confused as anything related to Christianity in any shape or form. In fact: it is ‘anti-gospel’ and thus not anything of Jesus.

It is evil. period.

Lord, may you awaken us to a renewed sense of your incredible gospel – a HOPE that is for ALL people. You came so that ANY and ALL may find life with you and that each of us would find our immeasurable value in you – simply because YOU say we are valuable and demonstrated it by your pursuit of us in and through Jesus. God, you created each of us in your image and thus we are to respect everyone, always! As the beautiful song: ‘Jesus Loves Me’ says, “red, yellow, black and white, they are ALL precious in His sight.”

Each life matters. (even those who are confused and blinded by hate.)

Father, forgive us and heal us all.

Jesus people are FOR ALL people. We don’t slink in silence in the sight of hate.

We Arise to LOVE everyone always. We are people of love, even in the face of hate.

These three remain: faith, hope and love – but the greatest of these is love. (1 Cor. 13)

LOVE > hate.

officer in VA

I’ve been captivated by the strength, courage and faithful duty of this officer during these protests and outbreak of violence. You sir, are a hero.

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