Church is…

What comes to mind when you think about church?

You might think about architecture, rituals or experiences you’ve seen or had.

Church is not a building. It IS people. It’s a movement of Jesus.

Church is a hospital for the hurting. A rescued people on mission for God in relational and tangible expression within our world. It’s a group of Jesus followers seeking to love God and love one another. All of us taking our ‘next steps’ of faith alongside each other.

As The Church, we’re are to welcome all. We’re to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor – that grace is still available, hope is still accessible and forgiveness is still offered…that life with God is possible.

Read through Luke chapter 4 and 5 – and you’ll see a pattern in this gospel of grace proclaimed for ALL people and an invitation for EACH individual.

The roll of the Church is to carry this dual invitation from God forward today in real and tangible ways. We are to herald this good news. We are to bear witness to this grace of Jesus.

Jesus extends an invitation for us to join him so others may know: Church is for them! Whether you’ve been in church for 30 years or 30 minutes or you’re not even there yet.

The invitation is NOT: “change, do more, get your life cleaned up, try harder, get more worthy, behave better and then after that – give me a call”.

It’s a relational invitation from Jesus: “FOLLOW ME. You’re Invited! Welcome home.”

*You don’t sanitize God’s grace – you just share it…invite others to experience it and we trust all the rest to the work of God, while people begin to walk life with Him.

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