Confident Calm

Life happens. We all know this phrase is actually the reality of how life unfolds with twists and turns. Some turns are filled with joy and surprise, while other moments reveal heartache and struggle. How we face, deal with and interact with these moments is what encompasses our life. I was reading the other day in […]

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40 Days of Prayer

A couple years ago I embarked on a journey of reading through the Bible in a 40 day span. I remember it being very enriching experience for me, sluggish at times, but very encouraging. Tomorrow I’m leading our people of Elements City Church through another 40 day journey. This time, not a solo journey, but rather a […]

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#40 Day Journey ~ part 3

The Journey continues – now into the New Testament. These are some of the verses that stuck out to me, reading through the Bible. If you need the background on the adventure – see Part 1 and Part 2 (for explanation and Old Testament verses. (These are from Revelation backward to the Gospel of Matthew) […]

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#40 Day Journey ~part 2

Recap: if you missed the explanation of this journey you can read the original post here: Part 1 These verses stuck out to me as I recently read through the Bible in a 40 day period. Part 2 continues with some verses from Psalms through the end of the Old Testament. We’ll get the New […]

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#40 Day Journey ~part 1

The number 40 in the Bible has significance. On a recent sabbatical, I tackled something I had never done before…and that was to read the Bible through in 40 days.  Maybe it’s subconsciously because I will turn 40 this year? It was a lot of reading, but along the way, I tweeted some verses that […]

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