There’s nothing like walking into a new place and sensing that those who run the place thought of you before you got there. That they are actually excited to have you in their presence and they went above and beyond to prepare for your arrival. Whether it’s walking into a fantastic resort as the doors […]

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Fan on the field & Church

There we were, enjoying the Dback baseball game as they were about ready to take down the Dodgers at home. We sate in the ‘all-you-can-eat’ seats in upper left field. Good times. That’s when it happened… During a routine pitching change the music played and the people relaxed. The players huddled as the green grass […]

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Every Story has a Person

How often do we miss the story? My barista the other day handed up my coffee. There it was on the counter for me to take. As I reached for it, I asked a simple question: What have you been up too? Now, in fairness, I have watched her grow up a bit. I’ve been […]

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What I re-learned from Ragu

Everyday is an opportunity to learn. We are told this growing up, but often we can forget. Recently on a vacation, I journeyed up to Phoenix to visit a couple churches. I was trying once again to tap into what it’s like to be “NEW” to church. I believe it’s key to remain vigilant…remembering what […]

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