Take Heart

In my communication class in college – we were introduced to the 6 – one word questions that anyone doing an investigation must ask: Who? What? Where? When? WHY? How? Often the most challenging question is determining the WHY? The Why questions begin when kids are 2-3 years old and really never stops. You might […]

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Napkins can be Spiritual

Napkins surround us. In your car. In your home. In that restaurant. And that other one too. Even in the one that only gives you one after you beg them, because for some reason they think it’s made out of gold, so they guard them. (I’m talking to you Subway)… Did you know that napkins can […]

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Speak Life

There is a drastic difference between speaking AT someone or speaking INTO someone. In our world – there is a lot of speaking AT… They say we are prone to see 1 million advertising messages a day. Ok, that’s not quite right, but doesn’t it feel that way? We’re surrounded by voices and messages speaking at […]

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The Narrative of Worry

We all live by a narrative that is unfolding within us and around us. In the simplest of understanding, it’s the way in which we see things. The narrative of worry is the internal story of scarcity, worst-case scenarios and confusion. Worry knocks on the doors of our hearts and lives no matter our gender, age […]

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Where’s Your Seat?

Where’s your favorite chair? Is it in your house? Was it in the house you grew up in? Or maybe it’s in someone else’s house, it’s the one you look to make sure no one is sitting there at you enter and as you try to move the conversation into that room. Is it in […]

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Why Prayer Matters

Prayer matters. What’s the role of prayer in our life? For some it’s seen as a life-saver – literally – they give it a toss whenever tragedy or crisis occur and are reaching out for God to intervene. For others, they roll through prayer as they would a Skype call to a distant relative with updates […]

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Love Sweats

There’s a lot of talk about love. Ideas, concepts and conversations around what it is and what it looks like. This post isn’t about debating the intricacies of it or an attempt to get our arms completely around it. This is about highlighting one reality of love. Love sweats. Love is active. It takes initiative. […]

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Courageous Faith

Courage seems to be something we all desire to live with, but sometimes find lacking or waning within us. Why is it such a challenge to live courageously? What does it look like to live courageously in our faith journey with Christ? What does it look like to live life on adventures with God? There […]

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Focus Forward

You won’t find God stuck in the past. You’ll notice His handiwork and recognize His workings. But He’s not stuck back there. His name is not I Was. His name is I Am. If we obsess over what God did last, we might just miss what He wants to do next. God’s at work right here, right […]

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Practicing Celebration

“Joy is the serious business of Heaven.” -C.S. Lewis Celebration matters to God. We’re called to practice celebration because of the many things it will do within our hearts. Richard Foster says that “celebration is central to all spiritual practices.” If you find yourself struggling with envy, bitterness, disappointment or grumpiness – ask yourself: are you […]

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Unhurried Living

Life moves fast. Perhaps too fast. Sometimes so fast that it can almost feel like you’re missing out on living it. When life becomes hurried – it actually begins to rob you of life. So, what’s the alternative? Become a couch potato? Do nothing? Say ‘no’ to everyone? Probably not. That’s not living either. Is […]

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Never Absent

“Out of sight, out of mind.” That’s how the saying goes. When something or someone is not visible, active or heard from, then they must be gone and thus we don’t focus or consider them. But is that really true? Remember the times following the concert where the crowd cheers, yells and claps until the band […]

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Give Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving Week. I hope you, with friends and family, have a great time celebrating together with good food and fun. In this season, our minds tend to contemplate some things we’re thankful for, so here’s 10 Scriptures that can help center a thankful heart. Let them stir you to Give Thanks. May you have a “Thanks-filled” […]

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Listen as God calls you out and toward new adventures in each new day you’re given. FOLLOW. Jesus simple invite was: “Follow Me” The joy and adventure of life is found in following after God and walking with him…as he leads. Each day can become predictable, routine and mundane if we allow it. If we […]

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The Labeling Effect

Labels are a part of life. From labels on clothing, to labels we use to organize our files, to the labels on jars, bottles and cans. There’s labels we assign to products and services giving our approval or disappointment. We navigate relationships by assigning labels to people’s character and interactions. We can’t help but label […]

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