Summer Reading

From time to time I’m asked the question of ‘what are you reading?’ So, here’s a list of what I’m up to in the next couple months – some summer reading. I’d love to have you add your suggestions in the comments if ya want to help me compile a list others might find helpful. […]

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1 Minute Online

I found this info graphic on another pastor’s blog last week – Brandon Cox and was so struck by it. It’s the assessment of the internet usage and activity during a ONE minute interval. As you see it – it might shock you, it might stun you, you might simply see it as another piece […]

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Around the World

When I was a kid we played a game in basketball called: Around the World Maybe you’ve played it. Then I grew up. I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the world. And I realized the game never did justice to its name. Every time I travel – the world gets bigger. My understanding and […]

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Shot of Adrenaline

Stumbled across this film crew. After last week using a parachuting example in my sermon, I found this on Vimeo. It’s not for the weak of heart or those with a fear of heights. But if you want a 3 min shot of adrenaline or an espresso for your brain – here ya go. Enjoy. […]

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40 ~ The Before & After List

It arrived. I’ve been looking forward to this moment. I’ve also been looking back… This is partly inspired by Jon Acuff’s blog post (click here to read his 40 before 40) I turned the big 4-0 last week, so I thought I’d make a list of the Before & After. Highlighting some great things that […]

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SNL – laughter as medicine

The ability to laugh is a gift. We need to open it. Now, when I type out the letters: SNL – you probably think of Saturday Night Live. A classic comedy show that has been running on NBC for years, bringing laughter (some funny, some crude) for audiences both young and old. Maybe you recall […]

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Pet Peeves Post

As we live life engaged in experiencing all that unfolds around us, we begin discovering what most call: “pet peeves” Those things that we notice & encounter that stir up frustration, discomfort or perhaps irritation. Recently on Facebook I asked people to chime in with their pet peeves…there was quite the response that followed. Pet […]

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