We have all witnessed it. We’ve all done it. The situation is unfolding and then someone kicks UP the volume. Tensions rise. We call these discussions – “heated”. Whether it’s the person at the airline counter who once was trying to convey their frustration and need, but has now slipped across the line into personal […]

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Church & You

I love the Church. Not just the church I get to serve, but THE Church. The one entrusted to carry the message of the grace of Christ forward to each generation. The one vehicle of God’s message that He promised would never fail, but always prevail. The one enlisted to move the movement of Jesus […]

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Up starts Down

The other day I was reading a few comments that Louie Giglio made surrounding leadership. He speaks about how the movement up really begins with moving down. Here’s some of his thoughts on humility and leadership: “Young leaders: humility is not a sign of weakness, rather it is our strength. For one, the lower we are […]

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Museums Are Overrated

I’ve gotten to go to some pretty amazing Museums! They certainly are filled with great artifacts that tell the stories of long ago. They enlighten. They encourage investigation. They are full of beauty. They are totally worth your visit. But they don’t do anything for those living in the here and now. Museums inform people, […]

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Listen More

The following is a simple concept, but one that is life-giving. To you and others. It’s one that can revolutionize your relationships. It can be said in a sentence, but takes a lifetime of practice to fully engage in well. If you want to have better friendships. If you want to be a better leader. […]

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Summer Reading

From time to time I’m asked the question of ‘what are you reading?’ So, here’s a list of what I’m up to in the next couple months – some summer reading. I’d love to have you add your suggestions in the comments if ya want to help me compile a list others might find helpful. […]

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More Leaders Needed

I am writing a letter to a friend whose son is turning 18 and heading out to college. In the context of drafting this letter, I wrote these words. I wrote them. I re-read them. I read them a third time and was again refreshed to commit myself to them.   Leadership matters. Leadership is […]

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There’s nothing like walking into a new place and sensing that those who run the place thought of you before you got there. That they are actually excited to have you in their presence and they went above and beyond to prepare for your arrival. Whether it’s walking into a fantastic resort as the doors […]

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Think Steps

So often in life, we seek to know the full process or the entire plan. Before we begin a new chapter in life, we want to know how it’s all going to play out. As we transition in life seasons, we want to know the full picture of ‘what’s next’… It’s a natural desire to […]

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Many see the hashtag #ONElife and use it to describe things they want to do or things they’ve done in the life they’re living. You only have one life to live, so live it…and so the concept goes… Though there is some truth there, I’ve come to see it as something bigger, something more. Maybe […]

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Embrace the Wait

Have you ever had to wait? Did it increase your joy and happiness? Probably not. Think through your life and all the lines you’ve waited in…what feelings stirred within you? We don’t like the wait – it’s why we scan the checkout lanes to spy the shortest or fastest line. It’s why we scan the […]

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No Reserves

Often, we can get caught up in approaching life with a sense of reservation. New circumstances – New scenarios can stir a cause for caution. But as we read the words of Christ to take his message – his love into all the world (Matthew 28), it’s a call toward forward motion. His calling isn’t […]

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Reflections from Mexico

I had the opportunity with my family to join our students from our school and church on a mission trip in Mexico. They built 5 homes through AMOR ministries – blessing 5 families with a new, strong, dry and sturdy house – and so much more. For pictures – see my facebook page (and many […]

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Leadership Lesson from the Sky

Some things go unnoticed. Some things you see and they resonate. The other night, driving home – Amy and I witnessed something from the sky that reminded me of a simple lesson. We live in Arizona, known for its astronomy rich night sky, but I’d never seen something like this. It lasted about 6-8 seconds. […]

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Everybody needs a Huddle

Earlier today I left my huddle. And I left better for having been there. I’m thankful for it – for them. A huddle is simply a small group of folks that are lovingly challenging you. Every month I get the opportunity to “huddle” with other leaders here in Tucson. It’s a gathering of kindred souls […]

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