Parenting – BIG 3

Parenting is one of life's greatest invitations to impact the future! It's also filled with great challenge. I've been reading through Mark Batterson's book: Praying Circles Around Your Children the past few days. It's filled with some significant ideas of how to pray for your children. Below - are some of his thoughts from a [...]

Parenting: Boaz vs his rejected brothers

As a father of daughters, I'm cautious, leery and controlling a bit. Some might describe it as over-protective... I'm carefully and strategically trying to establish my relationship with them - building their self-worth, value and my commitment to them! I'm also cheering on their development as young ladies - wanting them to grow in their [...]

The Importance of Resiliency

It's vital to be able to 'bounce back' As parents - as leaders, it's vital to demonstrate and also nurture resiliency. It's the ability to 'bounce back' after facing set backs. Imagine taking a rubber ball and squeezing pressure upon it, so it deforms out of its original shape. As you release the pressure, it [...]