Round the Bases

I got to watch my son’s baseball team yesterday in their last regular season game. We were in a small town north of Tucson. Kearny, AZ. It was there in a small town, that I witnessed a big time demonstration of compassion. In fact, maybe it was more than that.  Sports sometimes captures moments that […]

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The Moments that Capture You

Recently on vacation I was reminded of a simple truth: most moments of life we walk through, but some moments capture you. That captivate you with joy, or sorrow, or fear, or wonder…it’s in these moments we need to make sure we stop & savor. They do something within us, stir us to experience life […]

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Parenting – BIG 3

Parenting is one of life’s greatest invitations to impact the future! It’s also filled with great challenge. I’ve been reading through Mark Batterson’s book: Praying Circles Around Your Children the past few days. It’s filled with some significant ideas of how to pray for your children. Below – are some of his thoughts from a […]

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Family Dinner

School is back in full swing. I’m not sure about you – but we’re often on the run and family sit down dinners are precious things. So, whether you’re “on the go” all together or able to gather all around the table at home … those are moments where you can seize some great conversations! […]

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Spiritual Family Rhythms

If you listen closely. If you pause for a moment and reflect – you’ll notice it. It is something your life shares in common with every piece of music that has ever been recorded down through the dawn of time… It’s rhythm. Every song has it. It may not be identical. Every family has it. […]

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Parental Aim

There is one true fact of parenting – no matter the country, scenario or size of family. It isn’t necessarily easy. Parenting takes dedication and effort. It takes many other things also. Feel free to add your thoughts… One thing is for sure: parenting does take aim. There is an old saying that simply says: […]

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Here’s a simple lesson from being stuck – a funny story from my life, with a hopeful reminder. I’m not sure if you’ve ever found yourself stuck? Literally – I mean it: really stuck… The other week I was there again. I went into a storage closet we have around the church – I was […]

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Making it Right

There she was…walking across the parking lot in a dash. The morning was unfolding and she was running late. Her hurried pace indicated the stress that weighed down upon her schedule… What happened next caught my eye (interlude) We’ve all had moments when what you intend to do, doesn’t quite match up with what you […]

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Parental Pacing

The Adventure of Parenting can cause us to pace at times… Maybe it’s the nerves of watching your child perform at a recital or during their sporting events as you sit in the bleachers with nerves turning on the inside. It might be the anxiety that can creep into those nights where they’re driving behind […]

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The Importance of Resiliency

It’s vital to be able to ‘bounce back’ As parents – as leaders, it’s vital to demonstrate and also nurture resiliency. It’s the ability to ‘bounce back’ after facing set backs. Imagine taking a rubber ball and squeezing pressure upon it, so it deforms out of its original shape. As you release the pressure, it […]

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Song of Correction

Almost everywhere we go, there is a soundtrack playing. Music is all around us. It sets an atmosphere and helps create an experience. Music is a fantastic thing… Think of your favorite movie – there was music playing. Remember walking down Disneyland Main Street – there was music. As I sip my latte, music is […]

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Relational Check Up

Sometimes the busy drive of our days can lull us into avoiding a necessary practice of pausing for a check up. We are reminded when our routine suddenly becomes interrupted as a sickness invades. That nagging cough finally forces us to seek medical attention. The check up we may have put off, now waves to […]

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Dolphin Leaders

Ok, the new dolphin movie is out and I hear did quite well at the box office. I haven’t see it yet, but know my girls are hinting. Dolphin Tale – the movie It’s this inspiring story of against the odds survival. It reminded me of another truth about dolphins. There is an interesting fact […]

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Character Matters

There are certain things you read that really push you, stick with you and challenge you. I read this the other day about character from Andy Stanley’s book Louder Than Words. Your character is instrumental in establishing how long you will be able to hold on to the fortune afforded you by hard work and […]

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