Church is…

What comes to mind when you think about church? You might think about architecture, rituals or experiences you’ve seen or had. Church is not a building. It IS people. It’s a movement of Jesus. Church is a hospital for the hurting. A rescued people on mission for God in relational and tangible expression within our […]

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We have all witnessed it. We’ve all done it. The situation is unfolding and then someone kicks UP the volume. Tensions rise. We call these discussions – “heated”. Whether it’s the person at the airline counter who once was trying to convey their frustration and need, but has now slipped across the line into personal […]

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Church & You

I love the Church. Not just the church I get to serve, but THE Church. The one entrusted to carry the message of the grace of Christ forward to each generation. The one vehicle of God’s message that He promised would never fail, but always prevail. The one enlisted to move the movement of Jesus […]

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Summer Reading

From time to time I’m asked the question of ‘what are you reading?’ So, here’s a list of what I’m up to in the next couple months – some summer reading. I’d love to have you add your suggestions in the comments if ya want to help me compile a list others might find helpful. […]

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We spend our young toddler lives asking questions of people. We hunger to ask. We grow up and we still ask. Maybe not for answers. But we ask people – we invite them to join us at dinner, the ball game, school events and a host of other things. I remember seeing an interesting statistic […]

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May it never get old…

I have an announcement to make – something to declare. May your ears never become bored of this message – may it never grow dull or old… A few things in life age. A few things begin to wear out over time. Wait, that’s pretty much everything, isn’t it? Most things get old – older […]

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Come and See

This last weekend, I had the chance to share in our services a little about John chapter 1. We looked at this pattern that emerges – how these folks that are experiencing Jesus – being found by God’s presence in Him. How they begin to turn immediately and find others who they desire and wish […]

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A Champion’s Voice

I remember a time when in Jr. High, there was a moment of embarrassment. There I stood with shame cascading down on me, all eyes were locked or moving toward me…then IT happened. From next to me came a voice of a friend…this voice stepped in and stepped up to take the attention and shield […]

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Beloved beats Broken

Brokenness is what defines all of us. But it doesn’t have to be our  inescapable destiny. We are all broken and no matter how much duct tape, self-help and determination we can muster – we simply can not  put us back together again (as the song goes)… Beauty is engaging – it captivates and clings […]

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It’s not about the rules…

I’ve been reading the book The Me I Want to Be, by John Ortberg. It’s a good read on spiritual growth and formation. Sometimes, it’s the thoughts within books that set my mind a churning with ideas to write about…sometimes they simply ping-pong around in my head as I wrestle with them, own them and […]

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Road Trip Reflections

With every road trip comes some reflections… These are some random thoughts, quotes and impressions rattling around within as the experience of Catalyst West Conference is unfolding around me. As a follower of Jesus it’s important to be invested into – same goes as a leader along with being a follower. So welcome aboard – […]

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compassion: notice & respond

I notice some things and yet other things I completely miss. Are you the same way?  The interesting thing about noticing is that often it strikes an emotion within me, within us. We can notice something that’s not put away like it is supposed to be and frustration rises up. We may notice a toddler waddling […]

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the call of wisdom

We seem to hear so many voices, noises, sounds & calls as we go through life. I have always appreciated a simple piece of insight that I received early on in my spiritual journey. It was this tip: train your ear to the call of wisdom. It’s one thing to have intelligence or street smarts & another to […]

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