Also for them…

Did you know that you were prayed for? Did you know that you’re continually being prayed for? In the gospel of John – chapter 17, often called the priestly prayer of Jesus. He prayed for you, for me, for all who are currently a part of his church. For all those who will one day […]

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Why Prayer Matters

Prayer matters. What’s the role of prayer in our life? For some it’s seen as a life-saver – literally – they give it a toss whenever tragedy or crisis occur and are reaching out for God to intervene. For others, they roll through prayer as they would a Skype call to a distant relative with updates […]

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Focus Forward

You won’t find God stuck in the past. You’ll notice His handiwork and recognize His workings. But He’s not stuck back there. His name is not I Was. His name is I Am. If we obsess over what God did last, we might just miss what He wants to do next. God’s at work right here, right […]

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When we’re hurried we chase everything that captures our attention. When we get still enough, we recognize what it is we really long for… Make some time and space for stillness… *thankful I got to practice a monthly day of solitude on Mt. Lemmon. Had some concentrated time to pray for our city, our church and our […]

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