Also for them…

Did you know that you were prayed for? Did you know that you’re continually being prayed for? In the gospel of John – chapter 17, often called the priestly prayer of Jesus. He prayed for you, for me, for all who are currently a part of his church. For all those who will one day […]

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Take Heart

In my communication class in college – we were introduced to the 6 – one word questions that anyone doing an investigation must ask: Who? What? Where? When? WHY? How? Often the most challenging question is determining the WHY? The Why questions begin when kids are 2-3 years old and really never stops. You might […]

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Joshua TakeAways

Be strong and courageous. It well could be the anthem of the book of Joshua in the Old Testament as God calls and commissions Joshua to lead His people into the Promised Land. It’s spoken into his life in chapter 1 and it’s something that Joshua reminds the people as the book comes to a […]

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Choosing Joy

There is a major difference between happiness and joy. Often in our cultural context: we can get the pursuit of happiness mixed up with the pursuit of JOY. Our country has the pursuit of happiness in it’s very fiber – the problem is that happiness in its simplest form, has a shelf-life to it. It […]

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The Narrative of Worry

We all live by a narrative that is unfolding within us and around us. In the simplest of understanding, it’s the way in which we see things. The narrative of worry is the internal story of scarcity, worst-case scenarios and confusion. Worry knocks on the doors of our hearts and lives no matter our gender, age […]

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Go and Do

So much of life can get stuck in the ‘learn this’, ‘learn that’ and ‘study hard’, information hunting and gathering cycle. We grow up being taught so that we learn more. Pushed to learn more, know more, understand more. Learning more is an awesome thing – a necessary thing. We need to be people of […]

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Stockpile or Share

You’ve heard the adage that ‘sharing is caring.’ You’ve been told to share with your siblings probably a million times growing up. Maybe you’ve seen the Taco Bell commercial that mocks the concept of sharing. Lamenting that you’ve had to “share all your life” and with some cleverly placed ‘flashback’ footage of kids having to share […]

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Courageous Faith

Courage seems to be something we all desire to live with, but sometimes find lacking or waning within us. Why is it such a challenge to live courageously? What does it look like to live courageously in our faith journey with Christ? What does it look like to live life on adventures with God? There […]

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Temptations Trade

The other night, I stole some money from someone at church. Now that I have your attention, let me set the record straight. It wasn’t that I tried out my newly acquired ninja skills. It really was a “trade”. My wallet for their $20 bucks. I had promised that what was in my wallet was […]

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Museums Are Overrated

I’ve gotten to go to some pretty amazing Museums! They certainly are filled with great artifacts that tell the stories of long ago. They enlighten. They encourage investigation. They are full of beauty. They are totally worth your visit. But they don’t do anything for those living in the here and now. Museums inform people, […]

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Never Absent

“Out of sight, out of mind.” That’s how the saying goes. When something or someone is not visible, active or heard from, then they must be gone and thus we don’t focus or consider them. But is that really true? Remember the times following the concert where the crowd cheers, yells and claps until the band […]

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The Labeling Effect

Labels are a part of life. From labels on clothing, to labels we use to organize our files, to the labels on jars, bottles and cans. There’s labels we assign to products and services giving our approval or disappointment. We navigate relationships by assigning labels to people’s character and interactions. We can’t help but label […]

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